Hosted by quilt world “sewlebrity” Mary Fons, the series will  chronologically investigate the untold story of quilts in America, from their English roots to their 19th century “golden age”; from the feed-sack quilts of the 1940s to the dramatic revival of the 1970s; from the birth of the studio art quilt four decades ago to the modern quilts being made today.

Using visual archival sources and on-camera interviews with makers, historians, and curators, America’s Quilt will celebrate in detail America’s greatest creative legacy. The series will also challenge many romantic notions and the outright incorrect beliefs people hold about quilts and quiltmakers. Most of what people think they know about quilts is wrong. To tell the truth about America’s quilts is to set them free from misunderstandings which obscure the real meaning and power of the quilt.

Never before has a complete history of American quilts been put to film. America’s Quilt aims to contribute to our understanding of American history by telling the story behind a truly democratic art.